UMAR FOR ST. LOUIS=> Radical Islamist and Ferguson Agitator Umar Lee Is Running for Mayor

In October 2014, radical Islamist Umar Lee promised Islamic jihad against the Ferguson police department.

Muslim Umar Lee was arrested in Ferguson Missouri in September.
Umar Lee once threatened to behead his critics and watch them squeal “like Daniel Pearl.”
umar lee

In August after several months of protesting and disrupting the peace in the St. Louis area Umar Lee was fired from his job after another public disturbance in the county.


So what’s an unemployed Islamist to do?
Umar Lee announced today that he is running for mayor of St. Louis.

umar lee mayor

He has a Twitter account you can follow.
umar lee st. louis

Umar is going to make St. Louis great again.
(Where have we heard that before?)

Hat Tip Adam Sharp

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