*Ugh* Karl Rove Bashes Donald Trump for Not Defending Obama at Town Hall (VIDEO)


As The Gateway Pundit reported, Trump was holding a town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire Thursday evening.

The first questioner spouted off about Obama and Muslims. Trump didn’t talk down to the man, he rather talked past the question.
trump muslim question


Today Karl Rove and the liberal media bashed Trump for not refuting the man who said Obama was Muslim.
What crap.

Karl Rove:

“Let me make one minor disagreement with Joe. I don’t think this really speaks to the inexperience of Donald Trump as a candidate. What I think it speaks to is his unwillingness. He didn’t think it important to confront the guy. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t think Obama is a Muslim and that he doesn’t think we’ve got Muslims in America.”

Shove it, Karl.

Via Happening Now:

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