#Occupy Leftists Conceive Baby in Tent – Child Is Beaten to Death and Dumped on Beach

Boston officals arrested a local couple after they killed a baby that was conceived in a tent at #Occupy Boston.
occupy murder
Rachelle Bond (left), 40, of the Boston neighborhood Mattapan told investigators her boyfriend, 35-year-old Michael McCarthy (right), punched her daughter Bella Bond in the stomach until she died because he thought she was possessed. (Daily Mail)

The baby was known as “Baby Doe” after her body was found on a beach.

The Democrat-endorsed #Occupy movement has racked up quite an impressive record:


12 deaths, 6 found dead in tents, Two found dead after several days
2 murders (Not counting the protester who strangled his parents and stuffed them in a car)
Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
– Multiple Rapes
– Thousands of arrests
Public masturbation
Child molestation and baby abuse

And now a new murder is linked to the Democrat-endorsed movement.
The Daily Mail reported:

Bella Bond was punched in the stomach by her mother’s boyfriend until she died, her mother has told investigators, claiming the man thought the two-year-old was ‘possessed by demons’.

Rachelle Bond, 40, of the Boston neighborhood Mattapan made the allegations against 35-year-old Michael McCarthy as she spoke to investigators about the murder case involving her daughter who became known as ‘Baby Doe’ after her body was found in June, an official said.

The tragic girl’s body was placed in ‘some kind’ of refrigerator after she was killed before it was disposed of, two officials briefed on the investigation told the Boston Globe.

While the medical examiner has found no signs of internal bleeding or external bruising consistent with blunt force to the victim’s stomach – investigators are working under the theory that McCarthy did something violent to Bella’s stomach that made her unable to breathe.

Michael McCarthy was at the camp when police evicted the squatters.

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