The Obama Doctrine=> Taliban Take Back First Provincial Capital Since 2001

taliban 2

The Obama Doctrine in Action –
Taliban prisoners run down the street after escaping prison in Kunduz.

The Taliban took control of Kunduz, Afghanistan today.
It was the first time the Taliban has taken control of a provincial capital since 2001.
The BBC reported:

The Taliban have overrun the northern Afghan city of Kunduz, taking control of most areas and freeing hundreds of prisoners from its jail.

Hundreds of militants stormed the city before dawn, quickly seizing key buildings and advancing on the airport.

The government says it has sent reinforcements to Kunduz and fighting is ongoing.

Kunduz would be the first provincial capital taken by the Taliban since they lost power in 2001’s US-led invasion.

The attack came a day before the first anniversary of President Ashraf Ghani’s unity government.

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