THE LEFT SHOW: Colbert’s Late Show Debut Features Trump On Screen WITH THE KKK

Stephen Colbert’s first night on the Late Show proved he’s still every bit the left wing hack he was on Comedy Central. He spent almost six solid minutes bashing Donald Trump but didn’t do a single joke about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

In the course of his anti-Trump routine, he even put Donald Trump’s face on screen with an image of the KKK.

Like all good little liberals, Colbert fails to acknowledge that the KKK was created by Democrats.


Watch the segment here:

Joe Concha of Mediaite trashed the show in a review today:

Colbert’s Late Show Debut Disappoints with Average Guests, Partisan Monologue

All the hype is over. All the fanboys in the media gone. The first Late Show with Stephen Colbert is in the books. And the final grade is?


For a show that had nine months to prepare for one big night, there was something wholly unsatisfying about Colbert’s debut from the Ed Sullivan theatre in New York last night. On the booking front, George Clooney is just OK, because when was the last time he did a movie that made him truly relevant, truly the biggest name Hollywood? Gravity (2013), maybe? And on the political front, the show should have found a way to book Donald Trump, but we got sleepy Jeb Bush instead.

Read the rest here.

Laura Ingraham tweeted this out last night:

The new Late Show is apparently going to be just like the old Late Show.

100% Left wing. Ratings be damned.


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