THANKS DEMOCRATS! Violent Crime Skyrockets to Levels Unseen in OVER 20 YEARS

Violent crime in America is up. Way up, to levels we haven’t had in years. Why should criminals worry about going to jail for breaking the law? No one in the government ever does.

Some people on the left know this is very bad news for Democrats.

This column by Lloyd Green of the left leaning Daily Beast has been one of the most read articles on Real Clear Politics for two days:


Welcome to the ’90s. Crime Is Back: Will the Spike Help the GOP?

From New York to Chicago, Baltimore to New Orleans, and Milwaukee to Dallas, the hydra-headed scourges of crime, murder, and mayhem have returned. And as the country hurtles toward 2016, this grim reality could prove to be a political nightmare for the Democrats. But, for the Republicans, crime represents a well-trodden pathway to power.

Let me explain. As in 1968, crime again stands to dislodge the Democrats from the White House, in the same way that in 1988 crime helped propel George H.W. Bush to Ronald Reagan’s third term.

Look around—history can repeat itself. This past week, three men gunned down police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz in President Obama’s adopted home state of Illinois, even as people were mourning the execution-style killing of Darren Goforth, a Harris County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy.

Yet Obama and his party appear helpless, hostages to the same demographic forces they courted, and then rode to power. Having staked their future on the volatile axis of race and income, the Democrats are now witnessing crime reemerge as a campaign issue, and they are out of touch and ill-prepared, to say the least.

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Republicans would be wise to capitalize on this and campaign on a message of restoring law and order to American society while holding government officials accountable when they flaunt the law.


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