Team Romney Joins the Fight Against Voter Support for Trump …(Now He Decides to Fight?)

In 2012, many conservatives held their nose and reluctantly voted for the grandfather of Obamacare in an attempt to take their country back from a lawless President.

A tepid Team Romney refused to bring full force to bear against Obama, and the country has suffered tremendously for it. Earlier this year, the idea of Romney running again was briefly floated only to be resoundingly shot down by conservatives. Enter the rise of Trump – everything Romney is not: strong, authentic, unapologetic and artful at marketing. Now, we get word that Team Romney has joined the forces behind the Trump take-down attempt.
trump romney

This does seem incredibly disloyal, given that Trump endorsed Romney in 2012, hosted fundraisers for him and donated millions to his PAC.


Bizpac Review reported:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump may have a new opponent in the race for the White House — and he’s not even running.

A cadre of former Mitt Romney aides and advisers, some going back to 2002, have reportedly reunited to take on a new political mission: stopping the seemingly unstoppable freight train known as the Trump campaign.

“We are united,” said one former Romney aide who did not wish to be identified, according to the Boston Globe.

“It’s a common goal, and not just for Romney people, but for anyone invested in Republicanism, conservatism, and anyone who gives a flying [expletive] about what we’re trying to do here. Even if you’re not getting paid, this isn’t good for anybody,” he said.

“Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Tucker Carlson quoted the Boston Globe piece during a telephone interview with Trump Saturday.

“Well, I’m disappointed in Mitt Romney,” Trump replied. “He is the one that’s leading it, and he was a failure,” Trump replied. “This is pure Romney trying to get back in” to politics.

He called Romney’s 2012 presidential run “a disaster,” adding that “Obama won an election that should have been run by the Republicans.”

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