SURPRISE! GWEN IFILL Parrots DOJ Report That BLAMES COPS for ‘Antagonizing’ Ferguson Protesters

On the exact same day she was criticized by the ombudsman of her own network for antagonizing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gwen Ifill went on the air and cited a Department of Justice report about Ferguson which blames the police.

Here’s the transcript from PBS:

GWEN IFILL: The Justice Department is out with its final report on how police handled the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and it warns other towns to take heed.

The trouble in Ferguson erupted after a white officer killed Michael Brown, a black teenager, in August last year. The report says, in part: “The absence of trust between the police and many in the community negatively impacted the response of all agencies involved.” It also blames military-style tactics that antagonized demonstrators.

Here’s the video. Skip to the 2:35 mark to hear the Ferguson segment.


Ifill is so clearly leftist, that it’s stunning the GOP agreed to have her moderate the VP debate in 2008.


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