Sorry Liberals… Pope Francis is No John Paul II

Guest post by Joe Hoft

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Sorry Liberals, Leftist Pope Francis Is No Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II abhorred Communism while Pope Francis abhors Capitalism.

Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II’s birth name) played a major role in the colapse of Communism. Wojtyla had barely turned 19 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and the regime forced him into manual labor, first as a quarryman and blaster, and later as a factory worker in a chemical plant. But Wojtyla refused to bow to Nazi propaganda; he joined UNIA, a broad-based armed resistance movement trying to save Jews from the Holocaust.

After WWII, the Soviet’s “liberated” and occupied Poland which brought further repression, but for 33 years, Wojtyla promoted Christianity and religious freedom under threat of a regime attempting to squash any opposition to atheistic totalitarian rule. When he became Pope in 1979, John Paul II addressed the U.N. General Assembly and challenged the free world to defend human rights. He later warned Communist authorities that the papacy would watch them closely. Following this, the Pope visited Poland and the people responded to his visit with loyalty borne of years of shared suffering—banners with the Communist party slogan “The Party Is for the People,” with the daring addition, “…but the People are for the Pope.”

When the Warsaw Pact planned an invasion and mass arrest of Solidarity’s leaders, John Paul II intervened by writing directly to Soviet president Leonid Brezhnev, giving his support to Solidarity and warning against the consequences of such an action. Pope John Paul II was one of the key historical figures, along with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, who are credited with fomenting the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain.

 Pope Francis

Pope John Paul II knew that he stood for Freedom by standing up to Communism.

Pope Francis appears not to understand that his policies promote Communist oppression of the same evil that Pope John Paul II abhorred.

Since becoming Pope Francis in 2013, the first Pope from Latin America has often spoken out in defense of the poor and against unbridled capitalism. In a speech in Bolivia he decried a system that “has imposed the mentality of profit at any price, with no concern for social exclusion or the destruction of nature”.

“This system is by now intolerable: farm workers find it intolerable, laborers find it intolerable, communities find it intolerable, peoples find it intolerable. The earth itself – our sister, Mother Earth, as Saint Francis would say – also finds it intolerable,” he said.

The Pope’s speech was preceded by lengthy remarks from far left-wing (communist) Bolivian president Evo Morales, who wore a jacket adorned with the face of Argentine revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara (The known murderer for the Communist Castro regime in Cuba).

Pope Francis doesn’t seem to know that the Communists are historically the oppressors, murderers and thieves.
This ignorance is the world’s agony.

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