Some Muslims Believe Sharia Law Should Supersede the US CONSTITUTION (VIDEO)

Liberals are going crazy over Ben Carson’s comments on not being supportive of a Muslim president. Even though Carson made it clear that he could support a Muslim for president as long as the person supported American values and the constitution, progressives are charging him with bigotry.

Sean Hannity decided to find out if any Muslims would support Sharia Law over the U.S. Constitution.

Western Journalism has the story:


Watch: Muslims Were Asked: ‘US Constitution Or Sharia?’- Ben Carson’s Going To Want To See This

Sharia Law should supersede the U.S. Constitution, said some Muslims when surveyed by Fox News this week.

“The U.S. Constitution comes from people. Sharia Law comes from Allah,” said one man responding to Fox News’ David Webb. “The Constitution governs this country. Sharia Law governs the whole world. Of course it is above.”

Webb asked members of a New York City-based Islamic cultural center whether Sharia Law was above the Constitution. Many men replied simply, “Yes.” A smaller number disagreed without further elaboration.

One answered, “No, but I think the Sharia law is made by God, by Allah. And the Constitution is made by people, so it’s not the same.”

“Sharia law is completely different than the United States Constitution,” said another man. “As a Muslim, you practice Islamic law, as a Muslim. The United States Constitution, as a citizen, I respect the Constitution, nothing to do with Sharia law. In Muslim countries, Sharia Law is allowed. Other countries? No, you have to respect the Constitution.”

Watch the video:


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