SHOCKER: Stephen Colbert’s Writing Staff is Mostly Male and COMPLETELY WHITE

This is sure to upset the social justice warriors who like Stephen Colbert. His writing staff of 19 is made up of 17 men and two women, all of whom are white.

The Atlantic reports:

Stephen Colbert’s Writing Staff: 17 Men, 2 Women

Well, this is sad. Splitsider reports that Stephen Colbert’s new show—the one that premiered delightfully earlier this week, the one that seems to be trying to bring a new kind of intellectualism to late-night network comedy—has a writing staff that includes 17 men. And only two women.

And: All 19 of those writers are white.

Feel free to use this space to react with a loud groan or maybe a silent scream or maybe a dismissive “¯_(ツ)_/¯” or whatever else suits you.

And, you know: I get it. Sort of. To take just one side of this, the gender question: Comedy writing skews male, famously and/or notoriously, and it’s to some extent easy to over-essentialize these things—the 17 men Colbert selected to write his material might be total feminists, and the two women might be raging misogynists, and they will all, regardless, bring a whole host of hidden and highly individualized experiences to their roles as the creators of a show that will ostensibly have a huge audience, and thus a huge platform, and thus a huge influence. There is, overall, an important difference between category and identity, and we should not be glib about any of that.

This is just something to keep in mind the next time he does a joke about white people or wears a #BlackLivesMatter wristband on the air.



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