Shocker: Biden Doesn’t Want to Discuss Iran’s SELF INSPECTIONS in Front of the PRESS

If the Iran Deal is such a great thing, why doesn’t Joe Biden want to talk about it in front of reporters?

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Biden Won’t Answer Question on Iran Self-Inspections in Front of Press

Vice President Joe Biden would not answer a question with media present on Iran nuclear self-inspection during a Thursday roundtable on the nuclear deal.

The question, asked by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.), was apparently about the Parchin military site, where Reuters reported last week that Iran may have built an extension to house nuclear arms testing. The prospect of Iran being allowed to take its own samples at the site and turn them over to international inspectors has drawn intense criticism.

“Debbie just handed me a question about self-inspection,” Biden said. “Everybody talking about Parchin, and are they going to be able to have self-inspection? The answer is it’s not self-inspection, number one, but let me go into that in more detail when the press is not here, OK?

Here’s the video:

Most transparent administration ever, right?



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