Shock Poll: One-Fifth of Syrians Support ISIS

One-fifth of Syrians support the Islamic State.
isis string bombs

The poll figures were released as eyewitnesses traveling with Syrian migrants claim fewer than a third are actual refugees. reported, via Religion of Peace:

A FIFTH of Syrians believe that Islamic State (ISIS) is a POSITIVE influence on the world, a shock survey has revealed today.

The disturbing result raises fears that Europe is wide open to terrorists and Islamist extremists, with thousands of Syrians flooding into the continent every day.

It follows warnings that two in every 100 people claiming to be Syrian refugees are actually ISIS fighters intent on carrying out bloody attacks against the west.

A poll carried out in the country by a British research company unmasked the alarming views of many Syrians.

It was published as eyewitnesses travelling with migrants making their way across Europe claimed that fewer than a third of them are actually genuine refugees fleeing war.

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