Seriously? Media Attacks Trump for Not Filling Auditorium in Speech to Black Business Owners

The Media War against Donald Trump continued on Thursday—
Jonathan Martin from The New York Times blasted businessman Donald Trump for not filling an auditorium in South Carolina yesterday afternoon.
Trump addressed black business owners in Charleston. The auditorium was two-thirds full.

Donald J. Trump was never exactly a happy warrior, but with some of his Republican rivals gaining on him, he is showing clear signs of discontent.

Appearing here on Wednesday afternoon at what was billed as an African-American small business meeting, Mr. Trump used his remarks before a largely white audience to argue that his lead in the polls was not being sufficiently covered, repeatedly complained about the high temperature inside the Ronald Reagan Library at last week’s debate, and lamented that any attacks on Carly Fiorina would be depicted as sexist.

And he did so in a convention center ballroom in which about a third of the seats were unfilled.

Of course, Martin did not report on the throngs who eagerly met Trump outside.

Trump responded today, calling Martin a liar.


Dishonest The New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin refused to acknowledge massive crowd surge forward during my…

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Thursday, September 24, 2015

The liberal media is hoping to destroy Trump so they can move on to the next GOP candidate.

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