Rush Limbaugh’s Pre-Debate Analysis: It’s Republican Destroy Trump Night

Donald Trump is a uniter.
Democrats hate him. The media hates him. GOP elites hate him. Republican politicians hate him. Iran hates him. Illegal aliens hate him.

Rush Limbaugh offers his pre-debate analysis–
Remember, it’s on CNN, so every damn one of these candidates is gonna have to justify the fact that they breathe.
destroy trump night
(Rush Limbaugh)

Rush Limbaugh predicted today that everybody in the room will be going after Trump tonight to try to destroy him. It’s going to be “Republican Destroy Trump Night.”

Via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I’ve got an odd feeling about this debate tonight. And, no, it’s not trepidation about what’s gonna happen. What happens happens. It’s that we all know, I mean, without any doubt here, we all know what is on tap tonight. (interruption) Well, what do you mean “some of it”?

The main focus of this, everybody is going to be trying to destroy Trump, everybody. From the moderators to the post-analysis analysts, to the pre-debate analysts, to the candidates themselves, to the Iranians. (laughing) Everybody’s gonna be trying. If there’s anything that’s been telegraphed prior to a debate, it’s that, on this debate…

…Thoughts, predictions. There really aren’t too many predictions that you have to make here. I mean, you pretty much know what’s gonna happen, and you know how they’re gonna try to make it happen. Somebody’s gonna have some sort of secret bit of information about Trump that we haven’t heard before that they’re gonna accuse him of. Or they’re gonna run list of names by him and make him defend his relationship with them or his knowledge of them, or some such “gotcha” technique as that. And then we’re gonna have probably a contest of who’s the real conservative, what’s a real conservative, what isn’t a conservative, who’s the fraud conservative, this kind of stuff.

Remember, it’s on CNN, so every damn one of these candidates is gonna have to justify the fact that they breathe.

Read the whole thing here.

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