Rolling Stone Magazine Calls Republicans the Party of DUMB WHITE RACISTS

Rolling Stone is the magazine of fake rape stories which puts pictures of terrorists on its cover. They also sometimes write about how much they hate Republicans.

For Rolling Stone to cast Republicans as the party of dumb white people is ironic. The Republican candidates for president in 2016 are far more diverse than the handful of old white candidates running on the Democratic side and Dr. Ben Carson, a black man, is currently one of the leading GOP contenders.

Rush Limbaugh has often said that the left will tell us exactly who they’re afraid of. If you apply that theory to this Rolling Stone article, the only conclusion you can reach is that they’re terrified of Donald Trump.


The original title of the Rolling Stone article was: The GOP is Now Officially the Party of Dumb White People but has since been changed. You can see the original title in the link.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia

ABC News published an intriguing poll the other day, one that spelled out a growing racial divide:

“Nonwhites see Trump negatively by a vast 17-79 percent… That said, whites are the majority group – 64 percent of the adult population – and they now divide evenly on Trump, 48-49 percent, favorable-unfavorable. Clinton, by contrast, is far more unpopular than Trump among whites, 34-65 percent. So while racial and ethnic polarization is on the rise in views of Trump, it remains even higher for Clinton.”

The Republicans already lost virtually the entire black vote (scoring just 4 percent and 6 percent of black voters the last two elections). Now, by pushing toward the nomination a candidate whose brilliant plan to “make America great again” is to build a giant wall to keep out Mexican rapists, they’re headed the same route with Hispanics. That’s a steep fall for a party that won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote as recently as 2004.

Trump’s supporters are people who are tired of being told they have to be part of some kind of coalition in order to have a political voice. They particularly hate being lectured about alienating minorities, especially by members of their own party.

It should be noted that the writer of this story is Matt Taibbi, a white guy who likes Bernie Sanders, an old white guy and Elizabeth Warren, an old white woman.

Taibbi is just doing his duty as a progressive so-called journalist to keep repeating the myth that all Republicans are racists who hate women, a routine which has become as old and tired as all the white people who are running for the Democratic nomination.


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