REPORT: Boehner Cut Deal With Pelosi to Fund Obama Administration Before Resigning

Boehner May Have Cut Deal With Pelosi Before Resigning–
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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke at the Values Voter Summit this morning. The crowd reacted with a standing ovation with the news that Speaker John Boehner was resigning in October.

Cruz cheered the news of Boehner’s resignation telling the conservative crowd:


“You want to know how much each of you terrifies Washington? Yesterday, John Boehner was Speaker of the House. Y’all come to town and somehow that changes. My only request is — can you come more often?”

Ted Cruz also broke the news that Boehner may have cut another deal with Pelosi on the way out the door.

I will say, the early reports are discouraging. If it is correct that the Speaker, before he resigns, has cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi to fund the Obama administration for the rest of its tenure, to fund Obamacare, to fund executive amnesty, to fund Planned Parenthood, to fund implementation of this Iran deal — and then, presumably, to land in a cushy K Street job after joining with the Democrats to implement all of President Obama’s priorities, that is not the behavior one would expect of a Republican Speaker of the House.

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