Radical Imams Already Recruiting Muslim Migrants Arriving in Germany

Radical Salifist imams in Germany are already recruiting Muslim migrants arriving into the country.
75% of the migrants flooding into Europe are men.

Germany will accept 800,000 migrants this year.
UK News reported:

Salafists in Germany, followers of a fundamentalist and sometimes violent interpretation of Islam which gave birth to the Islamic State, are targeting refugees fleeing the Middle East and Asia for radicalisation.

As more than 4,000 refugees and migrants arrive in the south-east of Europe every day and with 105,000 arriving in Germany in August alone, fears have been raised that the flow of people from Isis-held Iraq, Libya and Syria may pose a security risk.

In Germany the country’s fundamental Islamists have identified those arriving from the embattled nations to the west as ripe for radicalisation. Bavaria-based preacher Pierre Vogel, a proponent of strict Sharia law but who does not advocate violence, has published guidelines in a YouTube video on how his followers should best capitalise on the arriving refugees. He suggests they should form teams to help refugees build shelters and visit them often.

Vogel instructs his fellow Salafists to “bring gifts” and try to gain access to accommodation where refugees are staying. If they are refused they are told to engage with refugees in their local mosques. The Salafists are also concerned that refugees might convert to Christianity.

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