ANGRY Pro-Abortion Activists Interrupt Carly Fiorina Event, Throw Condoms at Her (VIDEO)

Planned Parenthood supporters and Code Pink activists showed up at a Carly Fiorina event in Iowa yesterday at a tailgate before a Hawkeyes game. They screamed insults and threw condoms at her.

They are furious that she brought up their baby harvesting practices at the last debate.

Carly Fiorina responded to the assault:


I wish they’d learn the facts instead of propaganda. I think we’re making a difference. That’s my reaction. I think they’re scared that the people of America are starting to look at what’s really going on in a Planned Parenthood clinic. And, they can’t deny what’s going on so they shout slogans instead…

Carly was asked about a female protester she had a confrontation with.

She came on and said she was concerned about women’s health and as a cancer survivor I said, I was too. And, she said she was concerned about women’s rights and I said I was too. I said you ought to do a little fact-checking before you come out here and shout propaganda… Taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood funds pro-abort Democrats. It’s a big shell game.

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