PR Executive QUITS HIS FIRM After it Hires Ex-Congressman ANTHONY WEINER

Anthony Weiner was recently hired by a PR firm which caused one executive at the company to seek employment elsewhere.

The New York Post reported:

Anthony Weiner’s so gross even PR flacks are disgusted by him

Anthony Weiner is so toxic that the powerhouse public-relations firm that hired him is losing top-flight talent, sources tell The Post.

Arthur Schwartz, one of the top executives at MWW, quit after the p.r. firm put the horndog ex-congressman from Queens on its payroll as a public policy “expert,” the sources said.

Schwartz’s September departure is the clearest evidence of the blowback at MWW for hiring the married Weiner — who was forced out of Congress in disgrace in 2011 after he sent lewd pictures of his penis to young women under the moniker “Carlos Danger” and then lied about it.

The former Queens politician had admitted to revelations of more tawdry sexting behind the back of his wife, Huma Abedin, a top adviser to Hillary Clinton, when he ran for mayor in 2013.

Check out this Twitter exchange between Weiner and Schwartz:


Reminder: If Hillary Clinton is elected president, Anthony Weiner will have access to the White House.

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