Obama Blamed For Death Threats Against Police, Teachers in Muslim Student Clock Case

Mayor Beth Van Duyne of Irving, Texas is blaming death threats received by Irving’s police chief, police officers, teachers and school administrators on President Barack Obama for his hasty support before the facts were known. Fourteen-year-old high school freshman Ahmed Mohamed was briefly arrested after bringing a suspicious ‘briefcase clock’ to school last week.

Mohamed’s claim to have made the clock himself has been exposed by experts as a hoax. The experts state Mohamed took a manufactured digital alarm clock (a 1986 Radio Shack Micronta brand clock-radio) out of its housing and placed it in a pencil box that made it look like a briefcase bomb.

Ahmed Clock Irving PD
Image via Irving Police.


Obama Ahmed Mohamed Cool Clock Twitter WND
Screen image of Obama tweet via World Net Daily.

Original Obama tweet via Twitter.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne made the charge against Obama for inspiring death threats against Irving employees just for doing their job of trying to keep schoolchildren safe in an interview with Glenn Beck on Beck’s The Blaze TV show Monday evening. Also interviewed was Jim Hanson with the Center for Security Policy.

“GLENN: Has the president reached out to you, Beth?”

“MAYOR VAN DUYNE: No, I have not heard at all from the president.”

“GLENN: Surprise you?”

“MAYOR VAN DUYNE: I was really shocked when I saw his tweet, yeah. I was really surprised. It seems to be an underlying habit that he is going to second-guess police officers without any kind of information. I now have our police chief who is a wonderful, wonderful man, a family man, a churchgoing man, and I now have our police officers as well as a number of teachers, school administrators, receiving death threats as a direct result of this. It is unfortunate, and it has got to stop.”

“MAYOR VAN DUYNE: …What has happened as a result of the hashtag of the misinformation that has been spread like wildfire immediately by the president is we now have death threats on members of our police department and in our school district. For what?”

“JIM: For doing their jobs.”

“MAYOR VAN DUYNE: For doing their jobs and to make sure that our children are safe in that school.”

In addition to Obama’s tweet on Wednesday taking sides with Mohamed against police and the school, Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest just minutes later directly attacked the teachers who called in authorities to investigate Mohamed and his ‘briefcase clock’.

…”it’s clear that at least some of Ahmed’s teachers failed him. That’s too bad. But it’s not too late for all of us to use this as a teachable moment and to search our own conscience for biases in whatever form they take.

“This episode is a good illustration of how pernicious stereotypes can prevent even good-hearted people who dedicate their lives to educating young people for doing the good work that they set out to do.”

Ahmed Mohamed tweeted Tuesday afternoon of his excitement at meeting Obama soon.

“I can’t wait to get my clock back & take it to the #WhiteHouse to show @BarackObama the invite is an honor, looking forward to meeting you!”

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