Planned Parenthood Executive Accuses Carly Fiorina of Lying – Challenges Her to Debate (VIDEO)

Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer Dawn Laguens joined HuffPost Live and commented on Carly Fiorina’s recent attacks on the far left organization.

dawn laguens
Dawn Laguens is executive vice president and chief experience officer of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

During the CNN GOP Presidential Debate Fiorina accused Planned Parenthood of baby organ harvesting.


Dawn Laguens accused Carly Fiorina of lying about the group’s harvesting program:

“[Fiorina] would be the best one to speak to that, because she is operating in a fact-free zone when it comes to Planned Parenthood. She is lying about footage about Planned Parenthood, she knows it, and she doesn’t have a way out.”

Dawn Laguens said she invited Carly Fiorina to visit Planned Parenthood and discuss their baby harvesting program:

“I’ve, infact, invited Carly Fiorina, as have all of our CEOs and Cecile Richards, to come to a Planned Parenthood, or come sit down with us at a table and let’s discuss this. Because you are lying about Planned Parenthood, and you can disagree on abortion, but you have to actually operate from the facts. So the fact-free zone is where Carly Fiorina is hanging out full-time right now.”

Via HuffPost Live:

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