Obama: Shutting Down Planned Parenthood “Is Not The Right Thing To Do” (Video)


When one is dealing with Progressive relativism, things such as right and wrong or good and evil are subjective. They change depending upon the viewpoint of the observer, and is based upon their need at the time.

For instance, the murder, dissection, and sale of dead human babies is considered an atrocity by all good and decent people. And because they are good and decent people, they feel all efforts should be made to stop the vile practice.

But if you’re a Progressive, and in this case the President of the United States, those efforts geared towards stopping what is known as abortion are “not right”, but instead are worthy of mockery.


During his recent speech to the Congressional Black Caucus, President Obama stated that the Republican’s effort to defund Planned Parenthood is “not the right thing to do”:

Just as an aside, what’s not the right thing to do, what makes no sense at all is Congress threatening to shut down the entire Federal government, if they can’t shut down women’s access to Planned Parenthood. That’s not a good idea. Congress should be working on investing things to grow our economy, and expand opportunity, and not get distracted.”

Video below (comment begins at 16:50):

It’s nice to know that the murder of millions of Americans, mostly black Americans, is considered just a “distraction” by President Obama.

Someone needs to inform him that isn’t exactly a “Christian” attitude.

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