Obama Scolds Iran at the UN: Chanting Death to America DOESN’T CREATE JOBS (VIDEO)

Does President Obama think people in Iran chant “death to America” because they don’t have jobs? That seems to be what he was implying when he scolded Iran at the United Nations today.

Perhaps he thinks that because of his Iran deal, he’s their president now too.

From the Washington Free Beacon:


Obama Scolds Iran: Chanting ‘Death to America’ Does Not Create Jobs

President Obama chided Iran for focusing on violent rhetoric rather than doing work to advance its economic interests during his speech Monday before the United Nations General Assembly, saying that “chanting ‘death to America’ does not create jobs or make Iran more secure.”

“That path is now available to a nation like Iran, which, as of this moment, continues to deploy violent proxies to advance its interests,” Obama said. “These efforts may appear to give Iran leverage in disputes with neighbors, but they fuel sectarian conflict that endangers the entire region and isolates Iran from the promise of trade and commerce. The Iranian people have a proud history and are filled with extraordinary petition, but chanting ‘death to America” does not create jobs or make Iran more secure.

“If Iran chooses a different path, that would be good for the security of the region, good for the Iranian people, and good for the world.”

Watch the video:


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