Obama Orders Army To Remove Military Heroes Who Interfere With Afghans Raping Young Children

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

If you haven’t heard about this story yet, it started with an Afghan Police Commander who kidnapped a young boy, chained the boy to his bed, and repeatedly raped him for many days. The mother attempted to intervene and was beaten by the Afghan Police Commander. The mother then turned to other local officials for help—with no results. Out of desperation, the mother sought help from the U.S. military base nearby. Two military heroes—Captain Dan Quinn and Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martlan—paid a visit to the Afghan Police Commander. The Afghan mocked the military men who reacted by roughing up the Afghan Police official to make it clear they meant business.

Soon after the encounter, the men were removed from their military service duty, and returned to the states. Below is a a great interview between Mark Levin and Captain Quinn (one of the military men involved in the incident). The podcast audio has a flawed 25 second portion of audio starting at the 10:15 minute marker, but stick with the entire audio (most of the podcast is clear and worthwhile listening).


The full interview below (or direct YouTube link here):

A Fox News report on the story found here and apparently Obama is making it policy to ignore Afghan abuse of women and children. Obama has a pattern of going after military heroes who have attempted to warn their colleagues of dangers from Afghans known to be dangerous and child predators (as with Jason Brezler).

To add additional insult to injury… Jihad Watch reports that Obama has redesigned a U.S. Army patch to closely resemble the Muslim Brotherhood logo. It’s the latest slap in the face to the US military.


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