NY Times: Hungary Is SO HOSTILE to Migrants That It Is Building a BORDER FENCE!

The horror!
How dare a sovereign state defend its border!

Hungary, a country invaded by the Ottomans in 1526 for two centuries, decided to build a border fence this year to protect itself from the hundreds of thousands of migrants invading Europe from the Middle East and North Africa.

Today The New York Times condemned Hungary for building a border fence.

The chaos in Hungary reflected the inadequacy of an asylum policy across the 28-member European Union bloc that has forced migrants to register or apply for asylum in the country where they arrive — though in many cases that becomes the country where they are discovered or detained by authorities.

Once they register and apply, they must remain in that country — even if that country, like Hungary, is so hostile to migrants that it is building a 110-mile fence on its border with Serbia to keep them away.

On Friday, as the humanitarian crisis involving tens of thousands of migrants continued, lawmakers introduced changes to its penal code that would impose tougher measures on migrants — including a new law that makes crossing or damaging the fence punishable by prison or expulsion.

So flagrant is Hungary’s apparent animosity for migrants that the U.N. said its leaders had declined to accept assistance from the agency that supports refugees, including for migrants at Keleti, the main Budapest railway station, where thousands have been stranded in recent days without adequate food, lodgings or water.

The suicidal Western elites believe it is the responsibility of the civilized world to welcome any migrant, criminal alien, or jihadist who shows up at the border.

Hungary announced today it would provide buses to migrants to take them to the border.

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