NY Times and FOX News Bash CNN Debate – Not Enough Personal Attacks On GOP Candidates

It’s an Obama world.
What’s up is down.
Spending money, saves money.
Defunding baby organ harvesting receives a presidential veto threat.
And, FOX News, The New York Times and Media Matters have teamed up to attack undesirable Republicans.

Media Matters, The New York Times, and Hillary Clinton heaped praise on FOX News after the first GOP Presidential Primary Debate.

** The FOX News anchors knew they would have a record audience tune in to their Republican debate because of Donald Trump so they purposely planned several zingers to get under his skin.


gop debate cnn

FOX News set up the other liberal channels to continue the personal attacks on top Republican candidates.

But, last night Jake Tapper and CNN did not proceed with the destructive assaults.

Tapper did not hurl any personal insults and did not set out to destroy any of the Republican candidates.
This upset the liberal media.

Today The New York Times bashed CNN for allowing the candidates to interact.

This was clear long before the candidates took the podium at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. Graphics on the channel flashed “ROUND 2,” and the on-air promos featured a bell ringing, as if to start a heavyweight bout. The only thing missing was a ring girl carrying a card above her head (odd, since a Trump casino could easily supply one).

The motive was clear enough: Last month, Donald J. Trump delivered a brawl on Fox News, and the channel was rewarded with 24 million viewers. There, however, the blows were mostly between Mr. Trump and the Fox moderators, starting a feud between the candidate and the network, in particular the anchor Megyn Kelly.

CNN, on the other hand, was determined to get the candidates to mix it up with one another, even if it had to drag them by the wrists and tie on the gloves itself. Even the stage design was made for conflict, with the candidates’ lecterns squeezed together like commuters on a rush-hour L train.

The NY Times was obviously upset that more was not done to annihilate Donald Trump and the other Republicans on stage.

FOX News hosts on The Five agreed. The so-called conservative hosts thought FOX did a better job (destroying the candidates) than CNN.

Who could have guessed eight years ago they there would be a Communist in the White House, a Communist in the Vatican and FOX News and The New York Times would form an alliance to destroy Republicans.
It’s an Obama world.

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