Need More Money??=> McDonald’s Workers Travel To BRAZIL To Form Global Alliance

USA-Global Fast Food Worker Protest

Over the summer, McDonald’s workers from across the country staged walkout protests claiming that their wages weren’t sufficient for them to survive on. But, it appears, that their income IS enough for some of them to travel thousands of miles just to meet other fast food workers and whine about it.

The Socialist Worker reports that fast food workers (and a homeless childcare worker??) from around the world traveled to Brazil in order to form a global alliance and “Fight for $15”:

Fast food workers from 20 countries met in Brazil recently in a 90-strong delegation of global allies of the “Fight for 15” US-wide strike movement.

It was organised by the US union SEIU, with support from the IUF international food union federation and Brazilian unions. Participants included the Fast Food Rights campaign from Britain, led by the Bfawu bakers’ union.

They attended a senate hearing that launched an investigation into McDonald’s. Adriana works for McDonald’s in Chicago. “Seeing McDonald’s workers from over 20 countries, that’s powerful,” she said. “We started with just one city—it’s awesome.

“I’m paid barely above minimum wage. I work for this billion-dollar company, I don’t want my child to be living in that basement we live in.”

A Tampa Bay childcare worker, currently homeless, explained, “I care for children, and I go to work not knowing where I’ll put my head down. Everyone deserves to receive a living wage!’

A living wage and a trip to Brazil?…What more could someone who supposedly can’t really afford to survive ask for?


(Image: Glendale)

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