MUST SEE VIDEO=> MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS Complain and Dump Food Prepared by French Leftists

Take a good look at this Europe.
This is what’s coming to a town near you.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East are flooding into Europe this year. It is the largest migrant wave since World War II. Germany alone is expecting 750,000 immigrants this year.

halal ravioli france

Recently in France, leftists decided to hand out food to the suffering immigrants. Illegals quickly took over the distribution of the food and stormed the van, trying to get in and grab all they could.


Afterwards the woman visited a camp and the illegal immigrants were complaining to her that “the food is not good.” The ungrateful illegals then took the food and threw it on the ground.
muslims food ground
Such lovely people.

In Greece the Muslim migrants refused the bottled water distributed by workers because it had a Red Cross was on the box.
Such grateful people.

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