The Media is Covering for #BlackLivesMatter by IGNORING THEIR VIOLENCE

Do you remember how the media treated the Tea Party a few years back? The reportage was non-stop hostility towards the movement despite the fact that there was no violence.

When it comes to #BlackLivesMatter, it’s the exact opposite.

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Media Tune Out ‘Black Lives Matter’ Anti-Cop Death Threats

Bias: Hewing to their corrupt anti-cop narrative, the Big Three news networks refuse to cover Black Lives Matter activists chanting death threats within hours of a cold-blooded police execution linked to their movement.

While ABC, NBC and CBS covered the deadly ambushing of a white Houston sheriff’s deputy by a black man, who sneaked up behind the uniformed officer at a gas station and fired 15 bullets at close range, they left out the related news that Black Lives Matter protesters shortly thereafter demonized cops as “pigs” and called for them to “fry.”

Even so, some of the networks blasted the deputy’s boss for tying the racist assassination to the violent anti-cop rhetoric spewed by Black Lives Matter agitators.

Breitbart has a similar report:

Left Media Mobilize to Defend #BlackLivesMatter Ahead of Slain Deputy’s Funeral

News articles and opinion pieces defending or promoting the #BlackLivesMatter movement have popped up across nearly the entire mainstream media in the hours before slain Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth’s funeral.

From the towers of the New York Times to the pig pens of the Huffington Post, left-of-center journalists have acted in unison to defend their romanticized–and often misrepresented and whitewashed–movement of socialists and anarchists who insist the only non-racist way to proceed with the American experiment is through radical economic change and offing cops (though media largely only report the group’s focus on stopping alleged police brutality.)

Media bias? What media bias?


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