Mark Levin: Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Is Reaganesque (Video)

Conservative author and talker Mark Levin was impressed with Donald Trump’s tax plan he announced on Monday.

trump tax

Levin described the tax plan as “Reaganesque.”
Via Breitbart:

From seven tax brackets to four. And the top rate is 25% . The top rate now is 39.6% , but for some people it actually winds up being 43% thanks to the deal the Republicans made with Obama a few years ago. So, the Republican establishment types – the Bushies, the Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) guys – they really have no complaint here, because while they voted to increase the top level to 39.6, and in some cases 43% , 25% would be the top rate under the Trump plan – and I would remind you I think it was 27% under Reagan.

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