Maine Mayor Suggests Publishing the Names of PEOPLE ON WELFARE (VIDEO)

Liberals are going nuts over this. People on both sides of the political aisle have problems with the concept due to privacy issues but for any leftists reading, here’s a simple question:

How is this any different than the time in 2012 that a New York newspaper published a map which showed the names and addresses of gun owners?

If America is really going to have a privacy debate, it should apply to both areas.


Time reports:

Maine Mayor Seeks Public List of Welfare Recipients

The mayor of a Maine city has proposed a statewide public database of people receiving state-funded public assistance, arguing that a list of people on welfare would inform taxpayers about what they’re paying for.

Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald, a Republican, wrote Thursday in his regular newspaper column that he would be submitting a bill to the state legislature that would create such an online database. He argued that residents receiving public assistance have been turned into a “victimized, protected class” and are more shielded than other recipients of state benefits, such as pensioners.

Here’s a local video report:


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