Liberal Media, GOP Elites Upset Donald Trump Won’t Defend Obama From Hillary Clinton Muslim Rumor

FOX News, Hillary Clinton, Karl Rove and the liberal media bashed Donald Trump today for not defending Barack Obama last night at his town hall event in New Hampshire.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Trump held a town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire Thursday evening to a packed house.

The first questioner spouted off about Obama being a Muslim and terrorist camps. Trump didn’t talk down to the man, he rather talked past the question.
trump muslim question


The liberal media, Hillary Clinton and FOX News were horrified today that Trump did not apologize for his audience member.
(Democrats never have to do this.)

Hillary Clinton tweeted tweeted this out after the Trump event.

She forgot that it was her campaign that started the Obama is Muslim rumor.
Hat Tip Dana Loesch

Legal Insurrection reported:

“The Internet” was quick to remind Hillary that she started it:

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