Labor Day Flashback: Proof Unions & Leading LGBT Group Gave Money To The Communist Party USA

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This Labor Day I think it’s important to not only be thankful for an extra day off, but also to remember that a pretty good indication of a person’s character is who they choose as their friends.

Recently the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) Chairman admitted that his organization is the Pro-Labor wing of the Democratic Party. But because of a brochure I obtained several years ago while attending a CPUSA event, the Chairman’s admission wasn’t exactly a surprise.

In 2011 I attended the 19th Annual Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards, aka the CPUSA’s annual fundraiser for their newspaper, People’s World. Just like the years before, the ceremony was held at the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 6300 union hall in St. Louis, Missouri.  After paying my $25 at the door (yes, I have actually given money to the Communists, ironically) I was offered a free drink, pastries, and inadvertently a seat at the table of honor with a man whose mother was mentioned in an Obama speech, and two direct descendants of the Communist, Hershel Walker (there is a funny story describing how that happened, ask me about it some other time). But there was one more thing I was given in exchange for my hard earned cash, a booklet outlining the itinerary for the event. Little did I realize at the time that this little booklet would enable me to prove once and for all that segments of some of the most powerful international unions, progressive rights groups, and Missouri state Democratic PACS have given money directly to those wishing to destroy the U.S. from within, in this case the CPUSA.

Once I paged through the booklet, I was amazed to see the number of unions, left wing organizations, and Democrat politicians who had purchased ads. For example, on the first few pages the leading LGBT rights group in Missouri, Promo, the Greater St. Louis AFL-CIO Labor Council, and Democrat State Rep of the 71st District at the time, Clem Smith, all ran ads in the CPUSA booklet (pictured below):


Even the CWA Newspaper Guild, who had numerous members working at the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and CWA Local 6355, who represents Missouri state government employees, ran ads alongside the Young Communist League (YCL) (pictured below):


Not to be outdone, the AFL-CIO affiliate, Greater St. Louis CWA City Council, and Democrat Rep from the 59th District, Jeanette Mott Oxford, also payed for ads (pictured below):

CWA Mott

And of course what Communist booklet would be complete without an ad from the Service Employees International Union? In this case SEIU Local 1, and yet another Democrat politician, Missouri State Senator Robin Wright-Jones, also felt compelled to place ads along with controversial UMSL Professor Don Giljum :

Don G

According to the events calender on the CPUSA News, People’s World, each ad cost a pretty penny: $500 (full-page); $300 (half-page); and $150 (quarter-page).

If you add up the cost of all the ads placed by either unions, Progressive groups, or Democratic PACS the grand total comes to over $3,000.

So as you enjoy your day off this Labor Day and are subject to the constant bombardment by your local unions reminding you to thank them for the temporary reprieve from a strenuous day at work just remember, at least in St. Louis, some of the hard earned cash from their union dues ended up in the coffers of those who wish to destroy your liberty.

I hope that disturbing realization, doesn’t give you indigestion.

You can see the entire booklet from the event below:

2011 Hershel Walker 'Peace & Justice' Awards

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