ISIS Announces Cyber Attack on 14th Anniversary of 9-11 Attacks #AmericaUnderHacks

On the 14th Anniversary of the 9-11 Islamist attacks on America, the Islamic State warned of a large hack of US websites.

America Under Hacks…

Inquisitr reported:


On the fourteenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror plot, which claimed the lives of 2,977 victims, Twitter accounts claiming to be affiliated with ISIS started the #AmericaUnderHacks hashtag, according to reports from the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium.

The ISIS hashtag had well over 1,000 tweets by 12 a.m. on September 11. Accounts appearing to be sympathetic to ISIS claimed to have successfully hacked White House computers and to have accessed President Barack Obama’s cell phone. Further goals of the 9/11 cyber terror plot remain sketchy.

One tweet from an account appearing to be affiliated with the terror group named “Islamic Cyber Army” showed an image of a spreadsheet purported to contain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of White House administration staff along with the statement (translated from Arabic) “Breakthrough the White House we adopt a responsible pull data from them and publish each.”

isis numbers

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