Iranian President Rouhani: Republicans Will Not Be Able to Tear Up Nuclear Agreement (VIDEO)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sat down with Christiane Amanpour during this trip to the United States to discuss the controversial nuclear deal between P5 + 1.

rouhani deal

Rouhani said the Republican arguments to the deal were “laughable” and a “form of entertainment.”

Rouhani insisted that the Republicans would not be able to tear up the nuclear agreement.


Certainly in the United States some are opposed to it and some are for this agreement. However, the issue of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is not just an issue of Iran and the United States. It’s an international issue, an international agreement. Can a government become a signatory to an international agreement and then the subsequent government tear it to shreds? This is something only the likes of Saddam Hussein would do. So any government that replaces the current government must keep itself committed to the commitments given by the previous administration. Otherwise, that government, that entire country would lose trust internationally.

Via CNN:

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