IL FAMILY TRAUMATIZED After Vandals Mark “All” Over Their “Black Lives Matter” Sign (Video)

A Columbia, Illinois says they were traumatized after vandals marked “All” on their “Black Lives Matter” yard sign.
blm sign

The family said they thought it was cute at first but it just escalated and got worse.

FOX 2 Now reported:


Someone is repeatedly defacing a Columbia, Illinois family`s ‘Black Lives Matter’ yard signs.

The couple that owns the home is white, with a white son and white daughter, and two adopted black sons.

They live in a mostly white neighborhood in the oldest part of the city.

‘I knew something was going to happen,’ said Eric Read, 20, one of the couple`s African-American sons. ‘I didn`t know how bad or good it would be but I knew something was going to happen,’ he said.

Read says despite the racial diversity of their family, they have never felt the sting of intolerance until three weeks ago, when someone defaced a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign his mom planted in their yard, covering over the word ‘matter’ with stickers printed with the word ‘all.’

‘It was cute at first, we thought someone was trying to come to be peaceful but from there it just escalated and got worse,’ Read said.

The next day, someone cut the word ‘black’ off the sign.

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