Hillary Scolds Progressive Keystone Pipeline Protesters: JUST SIT DOWN (VIDEO)

Keystone XL Pipeline protesters recently stood up at a Hillary Clinton event but she told them to sit down. That should go over well with the left.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Clinton Scolds Progressive Activists

Hillary Clinton scolded progressive activists protesting her event on Friday, telling them to “just sit down” because they were blocking peoples’ view of the stage.

Video of the run-in at an organizing event in Maine shows four activists standing up and raising signs that read “I’m Ready for Hillary to say NO KXL [Keystone XL pipeline].”

“Yes, I said I’m going to be talking about that,” Clinton told the protestors. “It will be soon. Just sit down.”

Clinton has avoided taking a definite position on the oil pipeline, which is popular with the American public but highly unpopular with progressive activists.

Here’s the video:


Watch out, progressives. No one is allowed to disrespect Queen Hillary.


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