Here We Go… Mitch McConnell’s Campaign Strategist Concerned Trump’s “Tone” Could Spread

Here we go…
The latest polling shows Donald Trump receives 25% of the black vote – something that has not happened for any Republican candidate in decades.

Trump is the clear leader in the Republican party presidential race.
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Of course, the establishment hates this. There are reports that GOP elites are planning to take Donald Trump down after Labor Day.


And, then there’s this…
Mitch McConnell’s campaign strategist is concerned Donald Trump’s “tone” could spread in the party.
The New York Times reported:

Some party leaders worry that the favorable response Mr. Trump has received from the Republican electorate is luring other candidates to adopt or echo his remarks. It is a pattern, they say, that could tarnish the party’s image among minority voters.

“Any candidate that allows Trump to dictate the conversation about what they’re campaigning on is going to be harmed irreparably,” said Josh Holmes, a Republican strategist and the architect of Senator Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign last year. “And to the extent that there are mainstream candidates dragged into the musings of Trump on a day-to-day basis is really bad news for us.”

Donald Trump, running for president, drew several thousand people in Phoenix on Saturday.Donald Trump Defiantly Rallies a New ‘Silent Majority’ in a Visit to ArizonaJULY 11, 2015
Since he entered the race in June with a declaration that Mexican immigrants were rapists and drug traffickers, Mr. Trump has given voice to conservative activists’ unease with America’s changing demography.

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