GROSS. Leftist Artist Uses Her Menstrual Blood to Paint Angry Portrait of Donald Trump

A leftist Portland artist has painted a caricature of Donauld Trump using her own menstrual blood.
trump blood pic

USA Today reported:

A Portland artist’s unusual painting is making national headlines.

It’s not just because of who it portrays. It’s also because of the medium.

The painting is a portrait of the current leader of the Republican presidential primary race, Donald Trump – painted with menstrual blood.

Artist Sarah Levy titled the portrait “Whatever.” It depicts Trump mid-sentence with one eye completely blotted out by red and his infamous hair windswept with streaks of dark blood.

“I heard the comments he made to Megyn Kelly and I was outraged that he was basically using women’s periods not just to avoid a political question but also to insult her and all women’s intelligence,” she said.

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