Georgia Parents Outraged After School Teaches 6th Graders Tenets of Islam (Video)

Georgia parents are outraged after their middle school teaches children about the tenets of Islam.

The school is teaching Islam to 6th graders.
FOX 35 reported:

Many Walton County parents are outraged that their middle school students are learning the tenets of Islam as part of their Social Studies class.

Parent Ryan Breece objected to the assignment his 6th Grade daughter brought home from Youth Middle School.

“My daughter learning the Islamic faith kinda contradicts my faith in general. I would prefer to receive that info in advance so I can decide if that goes against my faith,” parent Ryan Breece said.

Breece said he was so uncomfortable with the assignment, he went to talk to the Youth Middle School principal and ultimately the administration allowed his daughter to opt out of the work.

“We are seeing one page, five statements of Christian faith and 5 or 10 pages of Islamic faith, so there is no accountability to make sure it is equal,” said Breece.

The father of three is so disturbed about what he said are state guidelines that he started a Facebook page which many parents have joined to fight.

“I was very concern and hurt and it vexed my spirit to know that these children are being taught this and we were not even warned,” parents Bobby Jones said.

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