Gateway Pundit Gets Results: WaPo’s Ignatius Admits Source Who Cleared Hillary in Email Scandal – Is Clinton Adviser

After one week of silence by the Washington Post and columnist David Ignatius, the Post has finally published a half-hearted disclosure that the key source in his column last Friday, Jeffrey Smith, who cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing in her email scandal has ties to Clinton.

David Ignatius via YouTube

The disclosure was appended to the end of Ignatius’ column published this Friday. However, it was not added to the offending column and does not disclose deeper, long-standing ties to the Clintons.

“In my Aug. 28 column, “ The Clinton non-scandal ,” I cited the view of attorney Jeffrey Smith that there may not be any prosecutable criminal case in the apparently improper handling of classified material by Hillary Clinton and her aides. I should have noted that Smith was an adviser to Clinton’s 2008 campaign, in addition to being a former CIA general counsel.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported last week, Jeffrey Smith’s ties to the Clintons go back to at least 1992.

Smith headed up President Bill Clinton’s transition team at the Defense Department in 1992-1993, chaired a Clinton administration national security commission in 1993 and was appointed in 1995 by the Clinton administration to be general counsel of the CIA.

Smith was reported to be a ‘close’ national security adviser of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Ignatius’ failure to disclose Smith’s ties to Clinton was first noted in a comment at Free Republic by maggief.

Tom Blumer at Newsbusters and James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal also reported on Ignatius’ glaring failure of journalism ethics.

Several efforts in the past week to elicit comments and a corrections were not responded to by senior Post editors. The incomplete notice by Ignatius is the only acknowledgment of wrongdoing by the Post.

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