“Friday Dump”: Obama Eases Cuban Restrictions For American Businesses

Cuba Communist

While President Obama hopes his legacy will consist of things like Obamacare and the Iran deal, his penchant for dumping controversial news on Fridays, in the hope the media ignores it, will most likely be far more memorable.

For instance, the BBC news reports that on Friday the Obama administration announced it is easing restrictions on companies and individuals who wish to do business in Communist Cuba:

The US has announced eased restrictions on business and travel with Cuba, the latest move by President Barack Obama to improve relations with the country.

The rules, which go into effect on Monday, relate to travel, telecom, internet-based services, business operations, banking and remittances.

US businesses will now be allowed to open up locations in Cuba.

Cuban President Raul Castro and US President Barack Obama discussed the move in a phone conversation on Friday.”

While the restrictions on those seeking to do business in Cuba have been lessened, those on tourism are still in place.


(Image: Fox News)

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