For First Time Ever=> Hillary Clinton Viewed Negatively By MAJORITY of New Yorkers

Wow! Even New Yorkers can’t stand her.
For the first time ever, a majority of New York state registered voters view Hillary Clinton negatively. 51% of registered New Yorkers have an unfavorable opinion of the former New York Senator and Secretary of State.
Hillary Rodham Clinton reported:

Hillary Clinton is viewed unfavorably by more New Yorkers (51 percent) than those who have a favorable view of her (46 percent) for the first time ever, down from 56-40 percent positive in July, according to a new Siena College poll of New York State registered voters released today. While a majority of Democrats say that Vice President Joe Biden should run for President, in a potential primary matchup Clinton is supported by 45 percent of Democrats, compared to 24 percent for Biden and 23 percent for Senator Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump leads the Republican primary field with 34 percent support, followed by Ben Carson (14 percent) and Jeb Bush (11 percent) and everyone else in single digits. Although Trump is viewed favorably by 60 percent of Republicans – the highest of any of the candidates – he is viewed unfavorably by 65 percent of all New York voters, also the highest of any candidate.

“For the first time ever, Hillary Clinton is under water with New York voters, facing her worst favorability rating ever in her adopted home state. Her favorability rating has seen a net drop of 21 points since July,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.

“While still overwhelmingly popular with Democrats, 70-27 percent, Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 86 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of independents. She is viewed unfavorably by at least 60 percent of all upstate and downstate suburban voters, as well as among men and white voters,” Greenberg said.

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