Food Police: Obama Launches Program To Help You Waste Less Food To Fight Climate Change


In 2011, the Obama administration adopted international standards for the nation’s Smart Grid which includes (among other things) the ability for the utility, or an authorized “3rd party”, to monitor your refuse (trash). At the time this news broke, it was speculated that the only reason the utility, or the government, might want to monitor what you put in your garbage was so that they could ensure Americans were recycling properly. As disturbing as that thought is, little did we realize eventually it will most likely be used for a much more totalitarian reason, to monitor how much food you throw away.

Wednesday, the Obama administration announced it was launching the nation’s first program to help American’s waste less food in order to fight (the fictional) man-made Climate Change. According to USA Today, President Obama wants us to waste 50% less food by 2030:

As part of its effort to act against climate change, the Obama administration has taken a sweeping stance to reduce food waste by 50% in the next 15 years.

The announcement Wednesday from the Department of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency is a continuation of efforts in recent years to educate consumers about food date labels and safe food storage, as well as partnerships with food companies to address food insecurity and help figure out how to reduce the billions of pounds of food that go to landfills.

…”By reducing wasted food in landfills, we cut harmful methane emissions that fuel climate change, conserve our natural resources and protect our planet for future generations,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in a statement.”

…As part of the initiative, the USDA said it’s launching a consumer education campaign, including tips on how to reduce waste, and is partnering with food-service companies and state and local governments, among others, to carry out the plan.

Considering Progressives during Obama’ s rule have banned Big Gulps, forced changes in your kid’s lunch at school, and have wanted you to eat less meat in order to fight Climate Change, it’s only a matter of time before your trashcan will rat you out to the Food Police for throwing away that half eaten carrot.


Because when you’re talking about saving the planet from the Climate boogie monster…who needs freedom?

(Image: USIF)

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