Florida Democrat Patrick Murphy: US Leads the World in “Greed and Selfish Behavior” (VIDEO)

Another hateful Democrat…
Democratic lawmaker Patrick Murphy (D-FL), who is running for US Senate in Florida, complained in a recent interview that the US leads the world in “greed and selfish behavior.”

He hates America but wants to be a Senator.

The Daily Caller reported:


Democratic Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy, who is running for U.S. Senate to replace Marco Rubio, has had a rough couple of weeks. First, he channeled Neville Chamberlain’s infamous “peace in our time” rhetoric when he endorsed the Iran deal.

And now, in a local interview that aired on Sunday, he declared that “America has topped the world, in many ways, [in] greed and selfish behavior.”

In fairness, a viewing of his full interview (around the 17:54 minute mark) provides some context: He was specifically criticizing corporations and fat cats. Still, this is the kind of gaffe that can sink a campaign — especially when your opponents seize on it. And that’s exactly what has happened. This clip comes to us courtesy of America Rising. And it ain’t pretty…

For the record… The US tops the world in charitable donations.

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