FAKE HATE=> Texas Man Arrested for Filing FALSE REPORT Over Police Lives Matter Pick-Up Truck Vandalism

Whitney, Texas police arrested a man on Friday for filing a false police report claiming his pick-up truck was vandalized for bearing the message ‘Police Lives Matter’ spray-painted in large blue letters across the rear window, reported KDFW-TV. Police say the man damaged his truck.

Police Lives Matter Pick Up Truck Twitter Zahir Arab

The Gateway Pundit had reported on the man’s claim earlier this month.

Scott Lattin denied the charge to KDFW, but the arrest warrant states he admitted to vandalizing the interior of his truck for insurance money.


“Lattin denies the charges by police that he vandalized his own vehicle, telling FOX4, “That’s absolutely not true! Absolutely not true.”

“But Lattin’s arrest warrant affidavit said Lattin admitted damaging the inside of his vehicle for insurance reasons.

“Police say they’re not looking for any additional suspects. More charges against Lattin, including felonies, could be filed.”

Link to the KDFW report with more details.

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