FAIL: Jeb Bush Releases Trump-Bashing Ad – Uses Stock Footage From England (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush released a video today called “Bright.”

The video only has 164 views at 6 PM ET.

In the video Jeb portrays Donald Trump as dark and mean and then compares Trump to a bright sunny Jeb Bush day.

But the Jeb camp screwed up…
Jeb Bush used video footage from foreign countries for his video.
This shot was from England.


Can’t wait to hear Trump’s response to this.
Politico reported:

Jeb Bush’s super PAC Right to Rise used stock video images from England and Asia for its new video, which seeks to contrast the former Florida governor’s optimism about America’s future with Donald Trump’s pessimism about its present.

The video, which opens with clips of the real estate mogul edited to look sinister, says that Trump is in a “very dark place.”

The video, called “Bright,” then pivots to the sun rising in a field along with the text “choose a brighter path” as Bush says his message will be an optimistic one….

…The only problem: The sun is rising over a field in Cornwall, England — a clip available for between $19 and $79 on Shutterstock.

Last month the Jeb Bush campaign photoshopped Jeb onto a man standing in Des Moines, Iowa — and they forgot to replace the black man’s hand.

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