Eric Greitens Launches MO Gubernatorial Campaign – But Goons Push Away Conservative Reporter (VIDEO)

Eric Greitens launched his gubernatorial campaign today in Westport Plaza west of St. Louis.

There was a big turnout at the launch this morning.

But, Greitens would not speak with conservative pundit Adam Sharp about his former life as a Democrat.
His goon squad kept pushing Adam away.


Here’s the video–

The Navy Times reported:

Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens, who has never before sought elective office, said on Saturday that he is running for Missouri governor as a Republican in 2016.

Greitens played up his political inexperience while criticizing government during an announcement in the St. Louis suburb of Maryland Heights.

“I’m running for Governor because we need a political outsider to move Missouri forward. Like you, I’m tired of the career politicians and lobbyists who are ruining our state,” Greitens said.

Greitens, 41, served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, was a Rhodes Scholar and White House fellow and has written three books that combine stories of his military service and humanitarian work with lessons on leadership. He’s a founder of the nonprofit group The Mission Continues, which connects veterans with volunteer work to ease the post-military transition.

Greitens is also a former Democrat who just a few years ago was recruited by the party to run for Congress.

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