Email Sent to Hillary Clinton Detailed Plan to IMPEACH CLARENCE THOMAS

Among the newly disclosed Hillary Clinton emails is a message from David Brock about a plan to impeach Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.

David Brock is one of Hillary Clinton’s fiercest defenders and the founder of the left wing organization Media Matters for America.

The Weekly Standard reported:


Hillary Received Plan to Impeach Clarence Thomas

Hillary Clinton’s recently released emails includes a memo sent by David Brock titled, “Memo on Impeaching Clarence Thomas.”

The purpose of the document might suggest Clinton, or at least those closest to her and in her circle, are interested in impeaching Justice Thomas.

The document contains information from Brock about his book, The Real Anita Hill, and other similar points on Justice Thomas’s personal life.

The document contains details of Brock himself potentially intimidating women close to Justice Thomas. These details were from a 2001 New York Times article, in which the author reached out to a colleague of Thomas, Kaye Savage.

“Reached at home in Washington last night, Ms. Savage said that Mr. Brock had tried to intimidate her but that he had not told her the source of the negative information.”

The points on women seem to be an effort to disqualify Thomas on women’s issues. Brock quotes Eleanor Smeal, President of Feminist Majority Foundation, who says:

“And let’s face it, the Supreme Court these are life-time appointments. We are sitting here with a Supreme Court that elected this president by a five to four decision, but a Supreme Court that could reverse Roe v Wade and many many serious things affecting women…”

Hillary Clinton and her advocates are nasty, vindictive people.


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